• Concerts, club nights, parties, festivals, high profile galas and public events, Sony Event Management in Bangalore has delighted clients, with a magical combination of high calibre entertainers, international acts, unique venues and hospitality.
  • Our production experience, inspired theming and large list of industry contacts provides us with the edge when it comes to sourcing the best performers and celebrity guests. There’s nothing we, or our clients, enjoy more than seeing a crowd of people smiling and enjoying a shared experience.
  • Whatever your entertainment needs, please get in touch.

Product of Mixtute

1. Meckey 24 channel
2. DJM 800 poineer
3. DJM850poineer
4. DJM900 poineer
5. DJM2000 Poineer
6. sound craft
7. db mixture
8. studoimaster
9. DJ machine
10. CDJ2000
11. CDJ2000 nexus
12. CDJ400
13. CDJ200
14. Denon